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RCIRC - Story

Royal Cancer Institute & Research Centre, a unit of Oncocare Medicals Pvt Ltd, stands as one of India’s foremost NABH-accredited cancer care facilities, exclusively dedicated to the fight against cancer. By uniting exceptional medical and scientific minds, we relentlessly pursue our mission to comprehend, thwart, and conquer cancer. Commencing in June 2011, the institute champions a patient-centric, interdisciplinary methodology, harmonizing cancer experts encompassing surgical, medical, and radiation oncologists, Tumour Board, and oncology nurses, all within a single institution. Harnessing both technological prowess and human expertise, we deliver state-of-the-art treatments, epitomized by our pioneering introduction of True Beam 2.7 in North India—revolutionizing cancer radiation therapy with unprecedented precision and speed.

RCIRC - Purpose

Hospital Purpose:

At the Royal Cancer Institute & Research Centre, a unit of Oncocare Medicals Pvt Ltd, our purpose is resolute and unwavering: to be a beacon of hope, compassion, and groundbreaking innovation in the relentless fight against cancer. Since our inception in June 2011, we have stood as a leading NABH-accredited cancer care facility in India, driven by a profound commitment to understanding, preventing, and triumphing over cancer.


Research Center Purpose:

At the Royal Cancer Institute & Research Centre, our research endeavors are driven by an unyielding purpose: to unravel the mysteries of cancer, advance scientific understanding, and catalyze groundbreaking innovations that will transform the landscape of cancer diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. Established as a vital arm of our comprehensive cancer care facility, our research center serves as the crucible where curiosity, collaboration, and cutting-edge technology converge to create a brighter future for those affected by cancer.



“Welcome to Royal Cancer Institute and Research Center, India’s leading comprehensive NABH Accredited cancer care facility and only facility in Uttar Pradesh where patients confidently receive world class cancer care delivered by compassionate team of internationally recognized experts. Royal Cancer Institute and Research Center provides its patients, access to the latest medicines and technology, as well as the most advanced surgical procedures –along with novel personalized targeted therapies including precision medicine and immunotherapy.

Royal Cancer Institute and Research Center provides comprehensive quality health care with State – of - Art facilities. Our surgeons, oncologists, physicians and scientists are pioneers in their own field. The team at RCIRC works diligently to develop new approaches to detection, treatment, and prevention of cancer through path breaking clinical, population and translation research.

RCIRC is indeed one of the most technologically advanced cancer hospitals India. The facility has been on the forefront of genetic cancer research for almost a decade now. We are committed to offer a full spectrum of best Oncology services at the most affordable prices. It is our aim to become India’s leading cancer care center with Ambitious Development plans for Future.“


Journey of RCIRC

Commissioning of the Facility & 1 st Exclusive Cancer Centre of Uttar Pradesh
Empaneled by CGHS
Re-commissioning as Royal Cancer Institute & Research Centre.
“True Beam 2.7” Radiotherapy facility installed for the first time in U.P.
Brachytherapy facility installed, first of its kind in North India
Accredited by NABH (National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers)
Empaneled by Railways.
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